Sunday, November 16, 2008

Post 1 of some catch ups

We have been very busy since my last post. I would like to catch everyone up so I will be posting a few posts to try to get everything in without craming it into one blog. So here we go.........

Going back to the beginning of October we went to Collin County Adventure Camp for their free open house.

Once we got there we decided we would take the nature walk so off we went. Along the way there were signs with facts and things to learn so we would stop and read them along the way. I believe this is the one about the Bois D' Arc (pronounced Bow-dark) and how it is important to Texas history.

Oh here it is, you can read all about it.

This was our break on our "nature walk"...this ended up being a grand HIKE through the woods with Lauren wondering if we were ever going to get to what we set out on this quick walk to find, the canoe rides.

Although we are all about exhausted Austin is having a great time on our walk.

"FINALLY" Lauren said when we could see the lake. We found the Canoes and took Lauren & Austin on their first canoe ride. That was an adventure in itself...Mike paddling, Lauren "helping" and me, well, trying to keep Austin still so we didn't all go for a swim. Over all a very successful boat ride.

Once we were finshed there it was on to the next activity...

Lauren tried out the climbing wall. This was about as high as she made it (the wall is made for about 5th grade kids) she had fun trying though.

After all that fun we were hungry so we decided to stop at our local Anna Malt Shop for some dinner to take home and rest up for our next adventure.

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