Thursday, November 27, 2008

Finishing Cookies

So here we are again. We chilled our cookie dough for an hour (and had some lunch) and now we are ready to make cookies. As you can see, all the helpers are here. Lauren is excited to use cookie cutters.

Cookie cutting is very serious as you can see.
First batch in the oven.

Uh oh, we have a loose monster trying to help.

Mama better hold him before he pulls everything off the table. He just wants to help.

He gets to be a taste tester.............he likes them.

I think we have a few cookies to decorate now.

Lauren is ready with all the supplies.

We have to take a dinner break. Lauren is learning why people buy the take and break cookies or the rolls. "Cookies take a LONG time to make, we've been doing this ALL day"...this is what she told Mike when he got home.

Back to the cookies...decorating. She is making beautiful cookies.

One pooped helper is ready for bed.

He didn't even help and he's pooped.

Lauren did the cookies facing the camera and once everyone was tucked in mom did the others to be ready for the family (I did leave about 15 more for Lauren to decorate for us).

After a LONG day I was ready for bed. Hope everyone enjoys their cookies.

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