Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Look alikes

So I was helping Lauren with a school project yesterday and in looking for something in the office I came across some old pictures. Of course Lauren wanted to see so we started looking at them. She made the comment about how cute Austin looked in a picture, I had to laugh because it was her. I began looking through them more and pulled up some pictures of Austin to see how similar they do look. Everyone makes the comment that they look so much alike and we had looked at some of their baby pictures side by side and they were hard to tell apart. So here are some new ones.

The funny thing is the dates are very close on these so they are both about the same age, seeing as Lauren in 6 years and 16 days older than Austin. The dates on the first two are 9/16/02 on Lauren's and 9/20/08 on Austin's. Lauren's is the first one in both sets.

Is that not crazy!! There are differences but they are very similar.

It is funny to see though, as big as Austin is Lauren had more rolls than he does. He out weights her at this age but she looked chunkier because she wasn't as tall.

As similar as the two of them look they couldn't be more different in how they act. Lauren would just sit so nice when you would set her down. Austin is a mile a minute, there is no sitting still. I have set up the play pen in the office so he can play and stand and sit and stand and sit and move around so I can craft and type. He likes his saucer alright but he would rather be able to move around so this seems to be good for now. He is all boy!! Lauren was so gentle with everything she did, he tosses things and pulls hair and is just plain rough.
Everyday is a new adventure which is sometimes fun but tiring in the same. We kind of have a schedule but some days he sleeps in his bed for 1-2 hours and some day I feel I spend more time getting him back to sleep than anything. We have fun though.
Lauren is still my sweet girl...loving first grade and excited about her new adventure in the gifted & talented class which she will start tomorrow.
Well, Austin is telling me my time is up.


Emily said...

thats crazy!!!

Peter Maerz said...

They really are two peas in a pod!