Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ABC's of Thanksgiving

On Tuesday we had our first school program. The first grade did the ABC's of Thanksgiving.
This is all the first graders waiting for the program to start. They are all Pilgrams and Indians.
Austin is wondering what we are doing during nap time.

The program has started and Lauren is moving along waiting for her turn. (She was an Indian)

Almost her turn.......

And here she is reciting her lines........."Now it's a time for family and friends to give thanks together. Eat lots of good food, watch parades and football games. It's also the start of winter holiday season."
She was the last of all the lines. She was loud so everyone could hear, she did great!!

Then they all sang songs about Thanksgiving.

Here is our Indian after it was all over (she's a cute indian!)

All in all it was an okay show.

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