Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ms. Janice's backporch bed

I have recently been doing some projects for my Mom's friend Mrs. Janice for her backyard and I thought I would share some of my work. She has a wonderful back deck with lots of shade and she decided to give her furniture a face lift. So I have been working hard sanding and painting patio furniture. This one though is one of my favorites from her backyard though.
It is an old metal baby bed with the front removed to make it like a couch. I forgot to take a picture before I began sanding but this is in process. As you can see it was blue when I started (and whatever blue it was it was on there GOOD!!!)

You can kind of see how the paint is rough from weather and age....some of the roughness was actually the metal dented and banged up over the years.
After much work and LOTS of elbow grease you can see the paint is coming off and I am happy with the result.

My helper keeps touching my work and getting sanding guck on him.....Boo he says as he pokes his head through the bars.....

As I got to working lower on the bed I decided it would work much better if I could work on it as two pieces so I removed the spring part.

Once I removed the springs I could move the sides around to get to some hard to reach spots.

All done sanding I began the fun part...painting....Mrs. Janice decided to do all the furniture in a rusty brown color (the same as a fan she already has hanging out there)

Here you can see the color better....looks good...

In my excitement to begin painting I didn't think everything through and the feet are sitting in the grass...I will have to move it in the morning to finish but otherwise the base coat is done.

Once I finish painting this color I will spray Hammered metal paint on it for a texture and it will have some really cute red, white and blue pillows and a mattress that my Mom covered. I will post more pictures of the finished project next week.