Monday, April 12, 2010

Catch Up

I know, I has been WAY too long since I have blogged. There has been so much going on. I will give a quick catch up and write more on some of the big things later.

My last post was just before Halloween so since youngest sister and her husband bought a house in the same city I live in, we had Thanksgiving, Christmas, started a new year, had two birthdays, my middle sister bought a house and we have redone the inside for her to move in (you can go to and see that project) , and we have made a big decision for our daughters schooling for next year.
So I will start with the most recent, our school decision. We have had a hard time with the school Lauren has gone to the past two years. She came into the school ahead so we knew there would be an adjustment period but we are at the end of our second year and still waiting for the lessons to challenge her. We have also had issues with the teachers she has had and the lack of structure in the classrooms. After much research, prayer and discussion we have decided to enroll her in the Texas Virtual Academy. It is an online charter school. I will be taking over her teaching at home with the guidance of the school and a local teacher we will be assigned. Unlike typical homeschooling we will have lesson plans and assignments sent to us for everyday. We will have to answer to the teacher and follow all Texas guidelines. We know this will be a challenge for all of us but we are very excited to start this in the fall. We are already looking at ways to schedule my days (cleaning, laundry, etc.) into school days. Lauren was a little worried about not seeing her friends but when I told her she can still talk to them and see them and we will have fieldtrips with other students from this school in the area she was excited. We will take it one day at a time and for now we are only looking at this for one year. We will see as we go how we all adjust to this and we will decide later what we will do for 4th grade and foward.

Austin is growing growing and talking up a storm. He loves to talk and be outside. Next year will be very interesting with him as I will find things for him to be learning during the school day also.
We really think this will be the best thing for Lauren in the long run and I think she will really enjoy learning with more challenges. I will let you know in the future how this goes.
Time to begin a new adventure!!! If anyone has done this or has helpful suggestions please send them my way.
Since it has been so long, here are the most recent pictures of the kids. We took these this weekend while driving around.
Until next time...