Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas tree hunt

Our Christmas tree is one of our special Christmas traditions in our family. We don't just run to the store and get a tree we actually go out to the Christmas tree farm (we go to the same one every year in Denison) and cut one down. It is a fun time walking aroung trying to find the perfect tree. This year is Austin's first time to find a Christmas tree. So we loaded in the truck and started our day. As we begin it is raining and the temperature is around the high 30's. The kids are in their coats and ready to go.

Our first stop was for donuts on the way out of Anna. (Note to self, the Anna donut shop does not have a high chair. Austin did well in a chair luckly.)

We are here, it's still drizzling, about 50 degrees but on the hunt for our tree.
So many trees, which one will we get?

We have to take a hay ride to get to the other field. Our tree maybe over there. (Austin is not sure about any of this. Walking around in the rain with all these trees and riding outside?)

Lauren is leading the search in this field. I still like the tree we found in the first field (we will probably go back and try to find it. I think I made a pretty good mental note as to where it was so I can go back to it.)

I did remember! Here it is! Our 2008 Christmas tree!!

Austin's very first Christmas tree. It's so pretty.

Lauren and Mike are discussing the cutting strategy.

And the cutting begins...

Austin wants to help.


We are waiting while they shake our tree and put it thru the wrapper.
Austin found a new friend.

Loaded up and heading home with our tree.

Drum roll please,.......the cutting of the wrap and the release of the branches.

WOW!!! It was not that big in the field (I think we say that about every tree we get home but this is by far the fattest tree we have ever had.)

Lights are on, ready to decorate (I didn't get pictures of this step as I was unpacking the ornaments and Lauren was hanging hers. We did this pretty quick while Austin slept so we could get all the boxes back away before he got up.)

Here is our beautiful tree all decorated. This was Christmas eve right before Mike and I went to bed when we finished setting up all the Santa stuff. Lauren got the roller blades and Austin got the work bench and race car track. They were both very happy.

So as you can see we have quite an adventure when we get our Christmas tree. We have done this every year with Lauren and now can't wait to continue each year with Austin. It is such a fun family day (weather is not always so fun but that's part of it) we look foward to every Christmas time. In all the craziness of the season it is nice to get away and spent time finding our tree. If you have never been to a Christmas tree farm to pick your oun tree and cut it down you should think about trying it next year, you may start a new tradition of your own. You just don't know what you're missing!!

Christmas gift

So as most of you have noticed I have not been very good at keeping up with my blog. As much as I would love to so everyone can keep up with what's going on and what the kids are up to it has not been easy with Austin. My computer is in the back room of our house which is in no way what you would call child proof. So to try blogging during the day Austin does not want to play in his room if I am in the office, there is way more interesting stuff for him to touch and eat. So I try to spend little time in there when he is awake. What about the evenings you ask. Lauren and Mike are home and Austin can play with them. There in lies the other problem. As I said, the computer is in the back of the house, so if I am back there I can not spend time with my family in the evenings and with Mike after the kids go to bed. Now you can see why my blogging is so minimal.
What is the point to all this you ask? The solution to my problem, my Christmas gift from my wonderful husband!!!!!

Here is what Santa brought me, bubble bath and a mouse. What is he telling me?

A LAPTOP!!!!! A laptop of my very own.
It's so nice!!! I am SO excited.

Look, my computer on the couch. It is wonderful!!

So now I can blog whenever and I don't have to be stuck in the back room.
I have lots to catch up on now with the last month gone by and all of Austin's firsts that happened. Keep watching and I will have them up in the next couple days.