Sunday, November 16, 2008

Adventure 2, Round up on the Range

So now we are in the middle of October at Round up on the Range. As you can see we had a booth here selling our cards, necklaces, aprons and other goodies so this was a working day for me but a fun day for the kiddos.

Austin and I arrived early in the morning and off he went with Bapo to find some "stuff". He has a frisbee here already.

Once they had some fun and he got tired of Bapo he came and told Grema all about his fun.

More fun was to be found here though as he is riding an bucking horse and having a grand time.
Once they had breakfast Mike and Lauren came to see what they could find. As you can see Lauren already found the free frisbees.

The cowgirl in the pink hat was ready for some fun.
How about a stick horse ride!!!

Then she was on to the stick horse barrel racing. She's a regular rodeo queen.

Of course Dad is always finding neat things to take pictures of in between pictures of the kids. I really like this one.

Back to the fun, Lauren found the petting zoo.

Finally she had enough of the stick horses and found the real ones

Hold on to your hat cowgirl!!!

A nice ride for Lauren the cowgirl.

During the day they had all kinds of shows going on in the barn. This one was the friends of Skidboot. We were enjoying the show!!!

And here is Cowgirl Lauren and Cowboy Austin tipping their hat goodbye to another fun-filled day on the range.

Happy Trails until I post again.

(Next post will be Halloween pictures.)

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