Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Projects, projects, projects......I have quite a few projects that need to be done around our house and today I started on two of them for the kids.

Repurpose and reuse...a theory of my mothers that I also live by.

My first project I am tackling is Lauren's old toddler bed. This is a bed I am quite fond of since I came up with the design and most of the measurements and my Dad and I made it for Lauren. Now it is almost time for Austin to be ready for a big boy bed so I am going to convert it from a cute girl bed to a boy bed.

Here is the bed as it looked like for Lauren. My mom painted the cute little flowers along the side and the heart wreath at the end.

Here is a view of the side.

The hard part is going to be getting this bed ready to repaint. When you do a project you never think...how hard will this be to redo when I am tired of it. When I originally painted this I sealed it with a wax with a stain in it. You can't just paint over wax so now I get the fun job of stripping the wax off. Hopefully not to hard.....

Here I have brushed the stripper on and now I have to wait for it to work. It is starting to bubble already.

So while I wait I will start on the next project, a bookcase for Lauren's room. Once again repurpose, repaint and reuse. The funny thing is..this was actually my bookcase when I lived at home. Now if you know my Mom this is not a strange thing to have furniture I left behind. The strange thing.....it is the same color as when I left it..that is almost unheard of in her house. If you leave it she's going to make it into something else, repaint it, not leave it the same.
Speaking of my mom and making things, check out her etsy site Cowgurls Blessing she has really cute stuff for sale that she has made.

Here is the bookcase I am painting for Lauren, is is starting out blue denim. That WILL NOT match Lauren's pink and green room so I am going to put KILZ on this so I can start over.

Okay, all grey with Kilz.....now it needs to dry so I can figure out what color I am going to paint it and what to do with it next.

Time to go back to the bed...the stripper seems to work pretty well...I think I will try to put it on a little thicker on the other side.

No more flowers.....

So after the stripper I ran the sander over it and I think it's going to be ready to repaint. So now I just have to finish the other side and the headboard and figure out what I'm going to paint on it.....I have Mom helping with that part.

I'll keep you posted on how I'm coming with these.


debianne said...

Excellent work...if I do say so myself.

N + S said...

wow. neat project!