Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lauren's 7!!

February 4th.......what a special day for me, the day Lauren was born. I can't believe she's 7 though. It seems like just yesterday..........(it's such a mom comment) so many memories of her firsts.. when she finally decided to walk, or things she did.. catching stars (like Dora did and singing "We did it"), or comments she made..her head say yes.
My sweet little girl is growing into such a lovely young lady.

And now such a wonderful big sister, also. We decided to take some new pictures of her and Austin today to help remember her day but Austin was not so cooperative.
Here he dedcided he should swing his feet.
Lauren's trying so hard to just hold on to him so they can have a cute picture together.
Then she wanted him to sit on her lap. He was not about looking at me and smile, we had quite a fun time trying though. Lauren just smiled right along.

Lauren was kissing his head.

They have so much fun together. Austin knocked them over and they were laughing.

After picture time we had dinner and then it was party time with Austin & Daddy & I.
We got her a little cake and daddy lit the candles. (Don't drop it!!)

We sang her Happy Birthday!! ("That is such a cute little cake with PINK icing" she said)

Make a wish!!

Blow out the candles!!

It's good cake.

Austin thought so ,too.

Present time.
Oh, WOW!!

It's an i pod speaker system. Now she can listen to all her music from her i pod in her room.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

She's getting way to grown up.........she'll always be our little girl though.

Seven years of memories, seven years of love. The time seems to have gone so quick. Everyone says they grow up so quick and it is so true. She is such a joy and bundle of fun....and now we start a new year of memories. Love you Lauren!!!

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