Monday, January 26, 2009

Growing up so fast

Dinner at our house is always changing now with Austin. Trying new foods, new tastes and new ways of eating. He has been eating more finger foods for a while now but he has still wanted me to feed them to him. When I would put food on his tray for him to feed himself he would play with it and smash it then look at me to give him a bite.

Last night we had pork chops and I decided to give him some to see if he liked them, he LOVES them. Once again it was it bite size pieces for him to feed himself. Along with pork chops he had carrots and green beans to feed himself. He has trouble picking up the vegetables because they are a little slippery. So last night I decided to see what he would do if I gave him a fork to help. I put a bite on and feed him the first couple bites off the fork to show him how it works. Then I handed him the fork.

At first he wasn't sure about it. I would give him the fork with something on it and he would pull it off and put the bite in his mouth. Not quite what you do with a fork but hey. He did think this was fun though and he was feeding himself (without having to chase the carrot or green bean around his tray).

So I continued to give him bites like this for the rest of the meal. He would take it off and eat it and I would have to convience him to give me the fork for another bite (he really liked the fork).

He was really enjoying his meal.

As the meal went along we kept showing him to put the fork in his mouth as we ate. About half way through he took his first bite off the fork himself.

He did a really good job.

He was very proud of himself (and so were we).
Yah!!! (He is clapping with his fork here).

After that was when he realized if he gave me the fork back he got more.

More Mama.

So we have taken another big step in growing up. He is doing all of this so fast. My baby is not going to stay a baby. I know this, look at Lauren almost 7 and so grown up for her age, but somehow I was hoping he would be a little more baby. I know, wishful thinking. I love this journey of watching him grow up and learn and it's so much fun to see Lauren watch this and help him with it. She is such a wonderful big sister. I am so blessed by both of them. I love being a mom!!!

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debianne said...

Goes by way too fast...enjoy each moment!