Thursday, January 8, 2009

Big steps

Children.....isn't it amazing how fast they grow and change. One day you have this brand new cute sweet baby that doesn't know how to do anything and within a matter of months they learn so much. They learn to sit, stand, babble, talk, clap, pick things up and so much more. Within years they are reading writing and an expert on everything. Our house has lots of all of this going on.

Austin is now 10 1/2 months old so everyday it seems like he is doing something new and everyday is a new adventure. He has new sounds, faces and realizations each day. So during the day it is baby play time, playing singing and being silly.

Then there is Lauren, almost 7 and such a little lady, coming home from school talking about math and science and getting ready to go on a field trip to see the King Tut exhibt. After school Lauren plays with Austin some and plays with her stuff some. She goes back and forth with wanting to be a big girl and playing little people with Austin. Being 6 years apart they are in such different places.

I myself am 6 years older than my next sister so I know how this can be. There was 6 years between my sister Emily and I and 8 between Stephanie and I. Growing up I did not always think this was so much fun, although I did get my own room and my own stuff the younger two were very close and always had someone to play with. I always said when I had kids they would only be a few years apart so they to would be playmates. God apparently had other plans. Now that I have two 6 years apart I so love them being so far apart because I can enjoy Austin during the day while Lauren is at school and Lauren is so much fun to watch with her little brother. She and I can sit and enjoy each others company while Austin naps also. (I'm sure my Mom is reading this just smirking away).

Well, today was a big day in our house in our two different worlds. We had Austin decide to try to walk to me and Lauren got her second report card.

Today I was in Austin's room and we were playing and he turned aroung and walked towards me. It was so exciting to see him go. When Lauren came home we got the camera and while I had her tape I tried to get Austin to re-create his steps. Here are two of the attempts. He is well on his way to walking VERY soon. He loves to clap and sing and you can see this in the first video. He is so proud of his little people he is clapping for them. He did better at walking in the second video. He seems to know he is doing something good and starts to get excited while walking and forgets to move his feet. He is so funny

Our next big event, Lauren's report card. She wore this new outfit this morning and we took a picture of how cute she looked so now it captures the day. She got straight A's again! (Did we think anything different?)
English 99
Reading 100
Math 97 - she is not to happy about this because she had a 98 last nine weeks
Science 100
Social Studies 100
Science and social studies are both up from last nine weeks.
We are so proud of her!!!!!!

I know this is not the last of our big days in our house but it is one of your biggest so far. It is so much fun to watch both of them grow and change and learn everyday. I am so thankful for both of them.

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debianne said...

Speaking as a Mom...I think she should clean her room! HA! And...6 years apart is a good thing (so is two years apart!)