Saturday, September 20, 2008

Breakfast with Cookie Monster

It is SATURDAY!!! Like most Saturdays around here, Mike made breakfast. As he was making French toast, eggs and bacon I feed Austin his rice cereal and apples. After he ate he was not wanting to stay while we ate so I decided to give him a cookie. Not just any cookie a yummy, messy baby cookie. As you will see he very much enjoyed it

He got it all wet and tried to mash it in his hands. Got his hands all nice and sticky so he can squish it thru his fingers.

Then he finally decided he was going to eat it.
He had a great time chomping on his cookie. Cookie from cheek to cheek (with a grin to match) and almost done with it.
He was very pleased with himself!!
Don't miss any! Let's lick the cookie he squished on his hands in the beginning off now.
All done!! What a mess, but happy.
Wait, where's my cookie? I have to wait until next time?
So he was entertained while we all ate our breakfast. Some of us ate our breakfast and others as you can see. Here Lauren has THREE plates in front of her (and yes she has eaten all of what was on them).
She had two pieces of French toast two pieces of bacon and an egg. Still hungry daddy passed the rest of his eggs over to her.

She sure does love her breakfast (and daddy's)!!

Just another Saturday morning around here!!

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