Saturday, October 11, 2014

Totally Hooked!!

So my last post I was filling you in on our show cow.  We have now been to three shows and I think I can officially say we are TOTALLY HOOKED!!  The show we just finished was the Fannin County Fair Show.  It was different than the other two shows we have done since we had to be there more than one day.  The other two shows were what they call jackpot shows.  You show up that morning and show that day, Fannin county we moved the cows to the barn on Wednesday and showed on Friday.  They were on display for the fair goers and it is said they are less stressed on show day since they weren't in a trailer that morning (some cows get really stressed when they ride in a trailer).  It is a lot more work because we had to be there while she was there during the day.  I will fill you in on the details in a bit...first I will go back one show to Paris.

 Paris was good for the girls because they got to show again before Fannin County.  Since this is their first year showing each show helps them learn new things and see how others are showing and take those things and try them to improve their skills.

 Lauren got first in her class

 Stephanie got Reserve Breed Champion in ring 2

  Overall it was a good day:)

So I know I told you a lot of what we do to get the cows ready and what the judges look for to judge but I just realized you maybe wondering the difference in the rings and classes and breeds.  So a little insight for you...OK, so first off there are steers and heifers.  These are two different shows...steers show with steers and heifers with heifers (breeding heifers to be a farmer you would breed these cows to continue this good gene line).  Now, we know we have a breeding heifer and then from there they are broken down into breed...there are many breeds that are shown and each show has different rules on how many you have to have to show a breed.  For example, if you are the only one at a show with your breed of cow, some shows say one head makes a breed and some say 5.  So if you are at one with needing 5 you will be put in a group call AOB (All Other Breeds).  They are also broken down to American, British and Exotic (remember I told you in the last post we needed to know she was British).  Once the cow is in their Catagory and Breed there is one more break down...Class...this is by birthday.  Here is the line up for Fannin County so you can see how it looks.  At each show there are different numbers of rings.  Each ring has a different judge so sometimes you can lose one ring but win the next because what one judge didn't like the next might.  So shows with more than one ring give you different chances to win.

When you go in the ring, you first show in your class.  The winner of each class then goes back in and shows against each other for breed champion, once they pick breed champion (the class the champion came from they bring the second place from that class and they get to compete for reserve) they look again and pick the reserve breed champion.  If you are breed champion you then go back at the end of the group you are in and compete for British Champion (or American or Exotic).  All of these the judge is judging the cow and how they look like I told you in the last post.  There is also Showmanship, the kids get to chose if they want to do this one and it is by the age of the shower (JR is 8th grade and under and SR is 9-12th grade).  In Showmanship the judge is actually looking at the kids, how they handle the animal, eye contact with the judge, placement of the animal, not so much at the animal at all.  Now you know what I am talking about with rings and classes and breeds:)

On to Fannin County...

Leonard FFA had 6 kids showing and 7 cows (one showed a steer and a heifer)
 See the Mini Hereford...she is so cute:)

So as I said, we had to take the cows on Wednesday, since the show was in Bonham (which is only about 15 minutes from the house) it wasn't too bad.  I say that because we had to be over there while she was we took her, feed her Wednesday night then put her and the others out in a tie out pen to sleep (and we went home).  We had to be back Thursday to wash her, dry her and feed her.  Since they are on display you have to be there all day to make sure to clean up after them when they go to the bathroom and make sure they look good all day and put them back out in the evening.  Then Friday...SHOW DAY!!!

I will skip all the washing and drying pictures and go to showing...

Showmanship...they had so many they had to split the Jr.s into two groups...the judge then picked the top out of the two groups and brought them back in to show against each other and then he picked the winner.  Lauren made it to the second time in and got 5th!!  She did good:)
 Lauren and Stephanie...5th and 6th in Showmanship:)

 Video...(beware, it is a little shaky, Austin took it) It is Lauren winning Breed Champion!!..and Austin saying at the end...she won a big ole Purple ribbon:)

She was SO HAPPY!!!  We all were.  Her first big win and it was at County:)  She is already talking about when we go next year and when our next show is going to be.  She said she knows she won't win all of them but it is all around fun.

All the kids from Leonard did really well...

Here is Lauren,Katelyn Alexander and Stephanie with their ribbons...

 Here are all the kids minus Katelyn Alexander.

And our County picture...David is on the left (he is the one sponsoring us)

So, although the win was great, Lauren and all the kids had a great time getting to know each other (they are all in different grades) and showing at county.  There were also a few ex-students that came and gave the kids some great tips, encouragement and help on show day which is very good for these kids.  Can't wait until the next show:)  Like I said...HOOKED:)

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