Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Fun

Wow!! It has been forever since I have posted anything!!

We have been busy, busy working at Ms. Janice's house and finishing projects for her big open house. If you would like to catch any projects we have worked on or the finished project you can read all about them on my Mom's blog

We are getting ready for Halloween around our house. Weekend before we took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch (I will blog on this tomorrow) and this weekend we worked on our pumpkin. Austin is having SO much fun with all the decorations and holiday stuff he is starting to see. He likes to kiss the scarecrows I have up for decoration. As crazy and into everything he is I figured he would have a great time helping clean out the pumpkin. I knew Lauren would not be really excited about getting her hands all yucky but I knew she would help.
So we cut the top off and I dug in and showed them how to get the slimy stuff out...they were both pretty grossed out.
Austin thought the scoop looked fun.
Then he thought he'd try the spoon.

Lauren dug in and had stuff on her hands...EEEWWW!!

They did stop for a really cute picture.....(both of them have their hands out with sticky on them.)

Austin was not about putting his hand in the pumpkin at can see his face looking at the stuff on the floor.

After a lot of convincing he finally put his hand in, we missed a picture of him pulling stuff out but with his first finger and his thumb he had one little string of stuff and said was so funny.

Lauren was pretty grossed out the whole time.

She finally got in there and got a big hand full of stuff...both of them just crack me up!!!
BLAH!!!! - that's what Austin is saying, he was really grossed out Lauren touched it.
I was so surprised at his reaction, he is a play in the dirt pick up everything kind of boy but apparently he draws the line at pumpkin guts.

After much discussion as to how we were going to decorate we decided that since both the kids LOVE Spongebob we would make a Spongebob pumpkin. So I looked up a template online and drew him on. Then the question was how well would this really work.
He looks good drawn on....

I finally got time to carve the pumpkin today....SUCCESS!!!
I am so happy with how it turned out!!

The kids think it is SO cool to have a Spongebob pumpkin. We did decide to keep him inside so we can enjoy it though so if you drive by you would have to knock and come in to see him. I do believe this is the first pumpkin I have ever had that has a name.
So now Austin stands and oh's and ah's at the Spongebob and then he goes over and kisses the scarecrow. Crazy Boy!!!

Christmas is going to be so much fun with him this year, Lauren has already taught him what Santa says and is telling him he can't cry when they go see him.
Tomorrow I will try to post on our Pumpkin Patch trip...until tomorrow...

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