Sunday, April 26, 2009

Camping trip day 1

This week we went on a family camping trip to Caddo Lake in Karnack, TX. Caddo Lake is the only natural made lake in the state of Texas and the largest in the South. We knew some facts about the lake before we went but we learned a lot while we were there. I will share some more as I share our trip.

We are here!!!!! Camp site 45...home for the next 4 days.

We were the first spot on our road...this was the way to the lake (and the bathroom). You take a right at the yield to the bathroom and to the left is the lake (this will be seen later....must set up camp). We were all ready to get out and unpack and set up.

You have to check out the spot to make sure we know where the trailer will go...make sure nothing is in the way.
Bug spray was a MUST!!! The mosquitoes were huge and hungry!!

Crank that house up!!! Good job Daddy!!!

Trailer's up and Mom's busy making beds and making it a home for the week.
This is Mike and I's bed.......
This is Lauren and Austin's bed...we will see how this will work with Austin.
After getting everything set up we went to Marshall, TX to the Walmart and dinner at El Chico. When we came back it was time for bed and time to find out how Austin was going to be at bed time.
A few weeks before our trip I saw the bed gate and thought it might be good for the camper. As you can see Austin is excited about this BIG bed. He was laughing and all smiles....lets just hope he sleeps. This is a good sign....he is laying down by himself.

So day one is over, camp is set up and we are ready for the adventures of the week. Not much happened today but I guarantee the next few days are packed with adventure and fun (some days maybe split into two so I can share all our fun).

For those wondering...after laying with him for a few minutes Austin fell asleep in the bed with did he sleep? Rather well, about 4 am he was thirsty so I got him some milk and brought him in our bed and he slept until about 7. The bed gate was a GREAT I looked across the camper trying to get out of bed and he was at the edge of the bed leaning on the gate (he did wake up Lauren crawling over her but she wouldn't have been able to stop him from going off the edge).

So more adventure and fun facts tomorrow.

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